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Retirement… Should I own Utah Real Estate?

Utah Real Estate  –  Retirement

Should I own Utah Real Estate for Retirement?

Why Utah Real Estate could be a good idea for Retirement:

1. The more kinds of investments you have, the better.

Diversification is important, especially when you’re saving for something so far into the future. You invest in a variety of stocks because when one sector falls, others hopefully don’t. And you invest in bonds because they aren’t as volatile as stocks, and tend to move in the opposite direction. Diversification reduces the risk of losing a big chunk of money at once.

“Utah Real Estate is great for adding diversity to your portfolio. It’s tied to the market like anything, but it’s not going to be correlated the way stocks and bonds are,” said Bret Clark.

He said not to expect property value or rent to ever jump significantly. While that sometimes happens, steady growth over time is more likely.

2. The second and probably more obvious benefit is the cash you’ll get from charging rent.

In the beginning, you won’t see a lot of this money. First, you have to cover your mortgage payments. Then you have to pay for things like insurance, taxes and any homeowner fees. Expect those three expenses to take up at least 25% of the rent.

And don’t forget about the cost of any maintenance the property needs or gaps between tenants. She suggests putting aside some money from the rent to build an emergency fund.

But hopefully you’ll have paid off the mortgage in 30 years and by the time you retire. If you choose to continue renting out the home, you’re looking at a stream of income. Or you could choose to live in the home or sell it altogether.

Why it might not be for you:

1. Surprises. You never know when the AC might break, the roof could leak, or a pest problem could turn up.

2. Becoming a landlord can be a lot of work. “There’s always the worry that you can’t find a quality tenant. Finding tenants, processing their applications and running background checks is definitely time consuming,” Kirchhoff said.

You could hire a management company to do that work, but that will eat up even more of your rental income.

3. It’s a big commitment. You’re not tied to contributing to your 401(k), IRA or mutual fund. But that’s not the case with a rental property, said Coleman. You must pay the mortgage, taxes and insurance. And if the roof leaks, you have to fix it.







If you decide to invest in Utah Real Estate for Retirement:

1. Build an emergency fund separate from your personal savings. Save at least the amount of the highest deductible on your insurance policy.

2. Do your research. There are different laws in different states that landlords have to follow.

3. Be prepared to put at least 20% down when buying a property you’re going to rent.


Utah Real Estate for Retirement

8 Winter Maintenance Tips for Utah County Landlords

Winter is coming, so here are 8 Maintenance Tips for Utah County Landlords.  As a homeowner, you know that preventative maintenance is essential to keeping your property in good condition.  It’s even more important when you own or manage a rental property. Your tenants can’t be expected to stay on top of all the home repair and maintenance tasks.  There are several items you should check off your rental management to-do list before winter sets in.

Maintenance Tip #1 – Check up on the heating and insulation system

If you live in a cold climate, the heating system will be running constantly during winter. Now is the time to schedule a furnace or HVAC cleaning and tuneup.

If your rental property has a wood stove or fireplace, have it cleaned and make sure the flue is functioning properly. If you can’t think of the last time the chimney was swept, it’s probably time to call in the pros.

Insulation in the crawlspace and ceilings will prevent warm air from escaping. Repair or cover any openings or holes under the eaves that could allow rodents to take refuge in a cozy attic. Use weather stripping or caulk to seal gaps around windows and doors — this will improve energy efficiency in your property, whether it’s hot or cold air you’re trying to keep out.

outside water spigot dripping and frozen with lots of ice

Maintenance Tip #2 – Prevent frozen pipes

Avoid frozen pipes this season by adding extra insulation to exposed pipes in the crawlspace, basement or attic. Damage due to frozen pipes is common but completely preventable. Exterior faucets and hoses should be drained and shut off. Educate your tenants about what they need to do when the temperature drops, such as leaving a trickle of water on overnight, leaving cabinet doors open and keeping the thermostat at a consistent temperature.

Maintenance Tip #3 – Keep branches at bay

Your landscaping may have gone dormant, but you’re not done with yardwork yet. Prevent damage from icy or gusty conditions by trimming trees and shrubs that are brushing up against the walls or windows, and check for dead branches that could be susceptible to falling during a windstorm.

Maintenance Tip #4 – Winter-proof the exterior

Regularly inspect your roof for the formation of ice dams, which can compromise your roof and cause water leakage. Look for damaged shingles or flashing, close any crawlspace vents in the foundation and seal any cracks that could allow small critters to burrow in.

While you’re thinking about concrete, check the walkways and driveway for cracks — and repair them while the weather is still dry — to reduce the potential for falls on your property.5. Clean the gutters

Rain gutter full of autumn leaves

Maintenance Tip #5 – Clean out the gutters and downspouts

It’s a dirty job, but putting it off can result in a bigger mess come spring. Check downspouts for cracks or split seams and be sure they drain away from the foundation. Use extensions or splash backs to prevent water from seeping into the crawlspace or basement.

Maintenance Tip #6 – Inspect your deck and fencing

Wood is susceptible to deterioration in any climate. Check boards for rot or signs of insect damage.  Secure any loose steps or railings, and consider using a non-slip paint or epoxy to keep your deck, porch and stairs slip-resistant. Repair or replace damaged or missing fence pickets and make sure posts are secure — a windstorm can easily knock down loose fencing.

Maintenance Tip #7 – Test safety devices

The end of daylight saving time serves as a natural reminder to test all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries.

Maintenance Tip #8 – Be prepared

snow-shovelA bad storm can result in a blackout or being snowed in. If your residents are taking care of snow removal on your property, move snow shovels and blowers to an accessible spot.

Remind your tenants to be prepared for power outages by keeping water, food, flashlights and emergency phone numbers on hand.

Prime Time Property Management –




Upgrade Rental Property


Summer is a great time to upgrade rental property in Provo.  Here are a few ways you can upgrade rental property, and  reduce energy costs.



An average Provo household dedicates 5% of its energy to lighting.  One smart way to upgrade a rental property is switch to energy-efficient lighting.  Replacing your home’s five most used fixtures with ENERGY STAR bulbs, you can save $75 each year


Water heater

Another way to upgrade rental property is to wrap the water heater with insulation. This will help the water maintain the desired water temperature, consequently reducing your energy costs. If you add the insulation yourself, also be sure not to cover up the pressure release valve.



To gain more energy efficiency, add weather stripping to all windows.  Caulk the window’s casing to stop air leaks.  Storm windows offer additional energy savings, while providing added insulation and significantly reducing air infiltration.



One easy way to upgrade rental property is with a smart thermostat.  A new thermostat will allow residents to program temperatures to when they’re typically home, as a result saving energy.

Here are a few of the top rated smart thermostats on the market:



Unless your Provo home was made for energy efficiency, you can reduce your energy bills by adding more insulation. Older homes have less insulation than newer properties, so adding insulation to a newer home can pay for itself within a few years.


These improvements will go a long way to reducing your energy costs, therefore improving the overall tenant satisfaction. Keeping an older or historic building in good condition does wonders for its energy efficiency. Regular, diligent monitoring of its condition, whether making sure windows and doors open and close as tightly as they should, or checking for, and sealing gaps in masonry that might be causing drafts or letting in pests—can make a tremendous difference in your home’s performance over time.

Bret Clark – /

Favorite Restaurant near Orem?

Looking for great a restaurant near Orem?  In case you hadn’t heard, Orem is no longer a city of overcooked steaks and wilted salads. The cities formerly stodgy dining scene has evolved into a foodie paradise.  The best restaurants in Orem are now some of the best restaurants in Utah.

The wide range of eateries offers everything from great tasting menus to chic small plates and swimmingly fresh sushi. Eat your way through the bounty with our list of the best restaurants in Orem.

Here are a few of our favorite places to grab a bite to eat.  If you haven’t tried any of  these restaurants you are missing out.    We would love to hear you thoughts.  What are your favorite places to eat?  Let us know in the comments below.


1. Pantrucas

Pantrucas Chilean Restaurant is the creation of Ricardo & Margarita Minond, founded in 2007 to bring the best of Chilean cuisine.

3161 N Canyon Rd
Provo, UT 84604
Phone number – 801-373-9712

2. Pizzeria 712

A collaboration between chef/owners Colton Soelberg and Joseph McRae, it is the group’s first restaurant, established in Orem.

320 S State St
Orem, UT 84058
Phone number – 801-623-6712

3. Oteo

Oteo is a modern, family-owned Mexican restaurant serving traditional Latin American dishes infused with Chef Sam Oteo’s unique flavors.

139 S State St
Lindon, UT 84042

Phone number – 801-928-3038

 4. Savory & Sweet

At Savory and Sweet, we provide table-side service, and on our menu you will find non-traditional high-quality handcrafted crepes, both savory and sweet, as well as pastas.

Savory & Sweet
182 W Center St
Orem, UT 84057

Phone number – 385-625-2424

 5. Asahi

Relaxed eatery with outdoor seating serving classic & specialty sushi rolls & Japanese entrees.

1470 N State St
Orem, UT 84057
Phone number – 801-221-4759

Top 10 Reasons To Live In Provo.

10- It’s All About The Food Trucks

Move to Provo UT

Every Thursday night you can experience some of the best street food that the city has to offer at the Startup Building. Dance around to live, local music and chow down a Smokehouse from Sweeto Burrito. (Warning: doing both at the same time is a serious choking hazard.)


9- Free Fallin’

Move to Provo UT

Seven Peaks Water Park in Provo, which is the largest water park in Utah, is a must during the heat of summer. Prepare to break your vocal cords screaming all the way down the Jagged Edge or the Boomerang.


8-  Nobody Celebrates the 4th Like Provo

Move to Provo UT

The Stadium of Fire (largest 4th of July firework show in the nation) and the Annual Freedom Festival are Amazing. Your Fourth of July will be popping in Provo.


7- You’ll Think You’ve Died And Gone To Bicyclist Heaven

Move to Provo UT

Getting around Provo has never been easier. Provoans are so committed to alternate transportation routes that they created nearly 44 miles of bicycle pathways and trails to interconnect cyclists with all the favorite city hotspots.
6-  Trails And Tribulations

Move to Provo UT

Once you’ve feasted on all the delicious food that Provo has to offer, go work it off hiking the Y MTN trail or the Rock Canyon Trail. Make it to the end and you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the valley below.


5- Provoans Train Like Beasts

Move to Provo UT

The Provo Recreation Center boasts a state of the art indoor aquatic center, a rock climbing wall and the basketball courts. Get sweating during zumba or rev up your metabolism with a Rip class.


 4- Float Down The Provo River

Move to Provo UT

Whether you’re into fishing for trout or tubing, the Provo River has some of the best water sport experiences. The river also has great cycling and running trails for those who just can’t take another day of spinning or running on the treadmill.
3- Provo’s The Other City By The Bay

Move to Provo UTProvo Bay off of Utah Lake provides residents with a pretty spectacular water view that the rest of the valley just simply doesn’t have. But the bay isn’t all about looks: you can fish, canoe or picnic near the marina.


2- Just Call Us The Silicon Desert

Move to Provo UT

Let’s be honest, Provo is more wired in than some U.S. cities could ever hope to be. We were the third city to hook up Google Fiber and it’s home to the tech company Novell. With other tech based companies based in Utah like Ebay, Word Perfect and Adobe it’s safe to say that the region is Sillicon Valley’s little sister.  Who doesn’t like free internet.
1- Cougars Are On The Prowl In Provo

Move to Provo UT

While Utah doesn’t have any professional football teams, fans still rejoice about their beloved Cougars, who are part of Brigham Young University’s large athletic talent pool. The football team is known as the “Quarterback Factory”-famous alumni include Todd Christensen, Chad Lewis, Jim McMahon, Gifford Neilsen, Bart Oates, Vai Sikahema, and of course, Steve Young.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas.

No matter what stage of a relationship you’re in, Valentine’s Day can be a source of much angst. It’s not so much the explosion of chubby cherubs and red hearts that gets us, as it is having to find Valentine’s Day date ideas that are a far cry from the regular old giving of chocolates and roses.

Instead of falling back on faithful routines, how about doing something that will make your special someone think more about what makes your relationship fun than about the holiday? We have a list of great, experiential Valentine’s Day date ideas that will have you chucking that prix fixe menu and Russell Stover box out the window.

Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day
Be A Tourist In Your Own City
We’re pretty sure everyone has the same handful of places they go to in their town. But how about ditching your standbys and exploring your city like a tourist? Check out art galleries, museums, restaurants or other local points of interest that you and your loved one would never think to visit. It’s a great way to get reacquainted with not only your city, but your partner as well.

Get A Couples’ Massage
Release tension and stress together with a couples’ massage package at a local spa.

Recreate Your First Date
Whether you split a malted or spilt it all over your date’s lap, we think recreating the first time you went out is a sweet way to remember why and how you feel in love in the first place.

Take A Cooking Class
Take advantage of the cooking classes that culinary institutes and gourmet food shops in your area offer. But instead of going for tried-and-true cuisines like pasta, try something a little more adventurous and different from what you and your spouse would usually order at a restaurant.

Listen To Live Music
Jazz club, big name acts, local bands… find out who is playing on Valentine’s Day and enjoy a night of live music.

Visit A Botanical Garden
If she complains you’ve never given her flowers, don’t fret: bring her to your area’s botanical gardens and have her take in the thousands of plant varieties on display.

Take A Dance Class
Bust a move of your choice — salsa, bachata, ballroom, fox trot — on Valentine’s Day with your special someone. It can become a regular activity for the two of you!

Tackle A Big Bucket List Item Together
We all have a bucket list — take this as an opportunity to find out if there’s some overlap between the two of yours. Maybe you both want to go skydiving or parasailing, or maybe only one of you wants to but the other is game to join you. Either way, tackling a big bucket list item together guarantees an out-of-the-ordinary Valentine’s Day.

Play Hooky
With the demands and stresses of the work week, it can be hard to find long stretches of unscheduled alone time together. Take matters into your own hands and play hooky on Valentine’s Day.

We won’t tell.

The Pros & Cons of Having a Landlord Who’s Your Friend.

Kimberly Dawn Neumann


Given that landlords wield so much power over their tenants, you’d think anyone who’s actually friends with his landlord has it made, right? Well, not so fast. Sure, there are upsides (read: late-night parties with no complaints because your landlord is in attendance], but there can be drawbacks as well. Big ones.

As proof, check out these real-life landlord-tenant stories of heaven and hell, helpfully arranged into situational pros and cons. (Names have been disguised to protect respondents who might still want to live in their apartments.)

Pro: Your rent may not go up

If you and your landlord are buds, odds are decent he won’t rake you over the coals with freakishly steep rent hikes, or come down hard if you’re a few days late paying rent. Katie N. in New York City discovered this when she suddenly found herself unemployed due to an injury.

“I’ve never been more grateful to my landlords than when I was injured and couldn’t work for six months,” she says. “We’d become friends after four years of my living there, so when I needed surgery after a bad accident, they let me know that if rent was late they’d understand for a few months. That helped take some of the pressure off and allowed me to heal without the fear of ending up in a box on a street corner while crippled on crutches!”

Con: When it does, your friendship may not feel so warm and fuzzy

On the flip side, what happens when your landlord “pal” decides to jack up rent on your once reasonably priced apartment? Suffice it to say, your friendship will likely go the way of print magazines and dial-up modems.

“We were friends with our landlords before we moved in—but we actually just found out our rent is going up 40% next year,” says Kathy P. in Brooklyn. “Our friend said, ‘Hey it’s a business,’ which is to say, there are no friends—just landlords.”

Pro: When something in your apartment breaks, he’ll rush to repair it

Hey, buddy, can you get up here to unclog the massively clogged toilet, again? Now? Thanks, dude! One thing about being friends with your landlord: He’s basically on your speed dial. As Adam B., in Metamora, IL, puts it, “If I need some sort of maintenance done, it gets done.”

Con: Or he’ll let repairs slide, because you’re pals

Of course the flip side is when landlords let those toilets stay clogged (gross) because you’re “friends,” and they know you’ll be more forgiving if they don’t get to it.

“Our buzzer doesn’t work in our walk-up, and it’s a nightmare,” says Kathy P. “So whenever we have guests or order takeout, we go down three flights of stairs. We’ve asked our landlord/friend to fix it over and over. So much for getting special favors!”

Pro: It feels like you’re coming ‘home’ to a family

If your landlord lives in the building and you’re close with him and his family, it starts to feel less like renting from some abstract entity and more like being part of a clan.

“Everyone in my building knows each other, and we’re all friends with our landlord and his wife and daughters,” says Robyn S. about the brownstone where she lives. “We all actually have ‘family’ barbecues. It fosters a real sense of community.”

Con: Like family, a landlord can annoy the hell out of you

So yeah, he’s your buddy and your landlord, but that doesn’t mean he suddenly has an all-access pass to your abode, right? What is this, a mid-’80s sitcom?

“Thanks to answering a Craigslist ad, I moved into a multifamily unit in the Bronx,” recallsAnna D. “I split the apartment with four girls, only paid $600 in rent, and became good friends with my landlord. Should have been a happy ending, right? Wrong! This landlord totally took our ‘friendship’ too far and began walking into the house randomly—she had the key—without knocking. One time I was about to walk into the shower as she was coming in, and she walked into the bathroom to talk to me. Hello? Privacy?”

Pro: Landlords who are friends can come to your rescue fast

You’ll always know there is someone you can call if you’re, say, face to face with a critter you can’t, well, face.

“I’m not squeamish, but when my apartment suddenly got these gigantic water bugs in it, I was having heart attacks,” says Katie N. “Fortunately, since my landlords are also my friends, I actually was able to call them to come help me kill a bug! Not only did they show up with a very large shoe to squash it, but they also arrived bearing gifts of roach traps, which we set up all over the apartment. Now that is going above and beyond.”

Con: Landlords who are friends may not always take your concerns seriously

And then sometimes, if a landlord knows you and your buttons, he can more easily brush you off as being overly dramatic. That’s what happened to Todd T. in Los Angeles. He moved into his friend’s beach cottage, which became infested with spiders. Black widows. “I got bitten twice and had to go to the doctor; trust me, this is not something you want to have happen a third time,” he says. “Plus, the venom can be fatal to small dogs (and I had two). I begged my landlady to do something about the broken screen that allowed them to get in, but she would laugh and say I was overreacting. Finally one night after lying awake all night panicked like I was in some ‘Arachnophobia’ horror movie, I packed up my stuff, grabbed my dogs, got in the car, and never came back.”

Pro: If you’re lonely, you’ve got instant company

Home should be someplace you’re happy, and when you’re friends with your landlord, it can lead to awesome times.

“My landlords and I share a beautiful outdoor kitchen and deck area,” says Sara B. “It’s so lovely to feel comfortable using the outdoor space at all times, as we enjoy sharing a glass of wine and conversation together.”

Con: If they have money issues, it could affect you

Even landlords have to pay rent (i.e., the mortgage). Just ask Henry P. from Birmingham, U.K.: “My landlord and I were friends before I moved in; he offered me a spare room, saying the rent would help him out. I suspected he wasn’t working much but assumed the mortgage was being paid. It turns out he pretty much had no income and was living off my rent while sitting, waiting for foreclosure. Eventually he was evicted, and I was too!”

Result: one less Christmas card to send each year. Friends are so overrated.

Movie Marathon – Harry Potter

Movie-Harry-Potter-Characters-442x240 (1)

Harry Potter Movie Party

Get out of the cold and enjoy a whole day of Harry Potter movie magic! We will be showing a Harry Potter movie in our Ballroom with plenty of room for you to bring blankets and spread out.  There will be crafts for all ages throughout the day.  We’ve also invited some local Food Trucks to be on the library grounds from 12:00pm – 2:00pm.  Food truck purchases may be brought up to the Ballroom to be eaten on your picnic blanket or on chairs that will be provided.

The films will be shown at the following times:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: 9:30 am

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 12:20 pm

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: 3:25 pm